Cook Urology offers stone management solutions with a comprehensive offering of access, dilation and drainage products.


Founded on Cook Medical’s core values in 1983, the Endoscopy Division creates products that help treat diseases throughout the gastrointestinal tract. The division employs a global workforce that produces a full line of products that help physicians around the world efficiently care for their patients.


Cepheid’s GeneXpert® System is the world’s most flexible platform, providing healthcare professionals with a best-in-class test menu for any setting.

Xpert® Tests

The cornerstone of the GeneXpert testing process is Cepheid’s patented, self-contained, single use cartridge. Sample extraction, amplification and detection for all assays are all carried out within this self-contained “laboratory in a cartridge.”

GeneXpert® System

Our GeneXpert® family of systems have set a new standard in workflow flexibility, 24/7 testing accuracy, and user-friendly design — delivered in an astonishingly beautiful and compact package.