Miltenyi Biotec

Tissue Dissociation

MACS® Tissue Dissociation Solutions are designed to obtain high yields of viable single cells with preserved epitope from almost any type of solid tissue.

Cell Separation

Miltenyi's unique cell isolation portfolio combines proven magnetic cell isolation technology with new options, providing for workflows across basic and clinical research.

Cell Analysis

The MACSQuant® Analyzer 10 Flow Cytometer brings to life the versatility and power required for modern flow cytometry applications. Whether mining for rare cells, analyzing the efficiency of your cell manufacturing process or investigating signaling pathways, you are equipped for the task at hand.

Cell Sorting

MACSQuant® Tyto® revolutionizes cell sorting. The patented microchip-based technology opens new possibilities in basic research and medical applications. Start taking advantage of high-speed, multiparameter flow sorting in the safety of a fully enclosed cartridge.

Automated Cell Manufacturing

The CliniMACS® Prodigy is a closed and automated platform that streamlines GMP-compliant cell manufacturing. It enables magnetic separation of different cell types as well as customized cell processing protocols.

Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec offers research- and clinical-grade products for sample preparation, cell separation, flow cytometry, and cell culture applications.

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