1. For "better patient care", we focus on more advanced, more reliable products and solutions.

2. Established in 1981, MACARE operates NATIONWIDE, with 88 Employees (54 Direct Sales and 34 Administrative and Technical Support).

3. 30 YEARS! Let our experience be your asset. For many years, we have earned the trust of major companies... in clinical and research laboratories, interventional radiology      and endoscopy, surgery and life sciences. We are our customer's partner... together, for 30 years now.

     -Among other products, from 1989 to 2010, MACARE had strongly established the whole line of Immunology and Blood Banking of J&J Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in the       Philippines.

4. We regularly interact with our customers. With our "niche" products, we offer SOLUTIONS and WORKFLOW PROCESS. We have experienced, well-trained people behind      our products.

5. To provide technical and logistical support to our principals and customers, we invest in upfront infrastructure (DEMO Equipment, training and stocking of products).

6. We believe in industry standard and regulatory compliance. More so, we believe in INTEGRITY. We totally adhere to Ethical Practice in all aspects of our business.

7. EQUIPMENT AFTER SALES SERVICE. 24 Hours/7 Days A Week. Service. Reliability. IT'S OUR COMMITMENT. We have a strong group of Engineers, Technical and      Application Specialists who are well-trained and certified by our principals.

8. For bigger exposures and providing manufacturers venue to formally launch their products, MACARE regularly participates in national and regional conferences, exhibits      and symposiums in the Philippines.