Pall Corporation is the technology leader in the $48 billion global filtration, separation and purification industry. Pall has become a $2.4 billion company by solving complex fluid management challenges for diverse customers around the world. Pall has been called the “original clean technology company” since many of their products deliver sustainable social benefits. Revenues are almost evenly split between the Industrial and Life Sciences markets. Sales are also diverse geographically, with Asia the fastest growing region.

Maximizing the Value of Whole Blood Donations Worldwide

Blood collection facilities are faced with how to collect, process and deliver the highest quality blood products utilizing the safest, quickest and most efficient processes, while eliminating waste. Blood collection systems must be designed to meet these challenges by helping to:

* Streamline Processes and give you FLEXIBILITY in processing with rapid filtration times under all processing conditions.
* Eliminate Waste and give you improved EFFICIENCY over dockable systems.
* Deliver High Quality Blood Products and give you RELIABILITY in your process that exceeds industry standards and guidelines.
* Improve Product Availability & the Bottom-Line and give you better PROFITABILITY from manual WB collections.

We realize there is no one generic solution to address the many issues that challenge the smooth flow of a blood center and hospital operation and their financial viability. Pall Medical is committed to providing its expertise to help you maximize your business potential. So, take the opportunity to see how Pall Medical is continuing the tradition of providing a portfolio of products with innovative technologies that are designed to support your strategic objectives for reduced costs, improved profits and product availability.

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