Miltenyi Biotec, founded in 1989, has grown to over 1100 employees in 18 countries. The company develops, manufactures, and sells more than 1000 products and services; particularly in the fields of cell biology, immunology, regenerative medicine, and molecular biology.

Miltenyi Biotec is committed to the advancement of scientific understanding and medicine by providing products and services for biomedical research and cellular therapy.

Miltenyi Biotec developed MACS® Technology, the gold standard method in magnetic cell separation. The ease and speed of the procedure combined with high purity and yield are only two of its many advantages. MACS Technology combines the use of MACS MicroBeads (nano-sized superparamagnetic particles coupled to specific antibodies), patented MACS Columns, and MACS Separators (strong permanent magnets). MACS Technology offers a multitude of applications: from small-scale to large-scale cell purifications, from cell to biomolecule separations, from lab bench to clinical research applications and separation of adult stem cells – for example, with the CliniMACS® Cell Separation System.

The MACSmolecular Business Unit develops, markets, and sells innovative products for molecular biology research and provides bioinformatics and gene expression profiling services, as well as the generation of transgenic disease models.
The TheraSorb™Therapeutic Apheresis product division offers unique medical instruments, adsorbers, and tubing sets for therapeutic apheresis.
The Miltenyi Bioprocess division manufactures custom biopharmaceuticals, cellular products, medical devices, and related products and services.

Our multidisciplinary R&D departments are constantly developing novel reagents and instruments for use in immunology, cell and molecular biology, bioinformatics, and stem cell technologies – researchers working for researchers.
The technical expertise of the employees is vast. It spans biological and chemical disciplines, including immunology, cell and molecular biology, hematology, regenerative medicine, organic and inorganic chemistry through physics and engineering, including biomedical, electrical, plastics and software development.

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